Schrödinger’s cock

You’ve never sent a dick pick in your life and you generally hate it. But you do things that you’ve never done in your life before, when you get drunk. Last night you got drunk, so until you check your cellphone, you may be simultaneously both sent and didn’t send a dick pick. This is called Schrödinger’s cock or Schrödinger’s dick pic.

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Putin is going to die of natural causes really soon. Thus spoke the great Oracle!

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Ecce Homo Part 14 s7

There still remains the possibility that it is not mankind that is in a state of degeneration, but only that parasitical kind of man-the priest, who, by means of morality and lies, has climbed up to his position of determinator of values, who divined in Christian morality his road to power.


Ecce Homo / Nietzsche – Nietzsche’s Best 8 Books / Bill Chapko – PDF Version 3.37 – Page 318


P.S Change the Christianity with any other religion, and it will still have the same meaning.


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They got us too. Yeap, they sure did!

When the terrorist attacks happened in other countries and I didn’t feel bad about the, I thought that I’m such and asshole for that. But now it happened in my own county and I still don’t feel anything. So now I’m glad that I’m not an asshole, I just don’t have a soul.
P.S My condolences to the families of those who got killed in the terrorist attack. What?! I know how I’m supposed to feel, I just don’t feel it.

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S14E13 - Keep Going.mkv_20170527_194606.986

Donald Mallard (Ducky) : If you’re going through hell, keep going!


NCIS (2003-2017…) – Season 14, Episode 11: Keep Going

P.S. It’s a quote by Sir Winston Churchill.

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Gay Science 73

Saintly Cruelty.-A man holding a newly born child in his hands came to a saint. ” What should I do with this child,” he asked, “it is wretched, deformed, and has not even enough of life to die.” “Kill it,” cried the saint with a dreadful voice, ” kill it, and then hold it in your arms for three days and three nights to brand it on your memory:-thus wilt you never again beget a child when it is not the time for you to beget.”-When the man had heard this he went away disappointed; and many found fault with the saint because he had advised cruelty; for he had advised to kill the child. ” But is it not more cruel to let it live ?” asked the saint.


The Gay Science / Nietzsche – Nietzsche’s Best 8 Books / Bill Chapko – PDF Version 3.37 – Page 59

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Paterson (2016).jpg

Japanese Poet: Poetry in translations is like taking a shower with a raincoat on.


Paterson (2016)

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“Petty thievery didn’t seem like much of a sin when it was your only option.”

The gargoyle / Andrew Davidson. 1st ed. (2008) – PDF version 1.0 – Page 158

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Col. Sherman T. Potter: Oh! Do yourself a favor, don’t fall in love during the war.

Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt: Why shouldn’t he?

Col. Sherman T. Potter: Because war is cruel. For every hello, there are two goodbyes.



M*A*S*H (1972-1983) – Season 6, Episode 8: In Love and War

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If you compare depression to shit, the more you are depressed, the more shit will be around you and you will go down into that shit. At some point, you will be so deep in shit that you can’t breathe, that’s when you see the cases when people who are in such situations don’t talk, or even eat much, they just lose all their desire to live and just stare into the abyss of their shitty life.

Now my depression is a weird one. I’ve been dealing with it for a long time, more than 15 years I guess. By now I should have been drown in a pool of shit twice or three times my size. But it didn’t happened. Because the shit got hardened. Now I’m walking on it. It is a lot of shit, but it is concentrated. It looks like shit, it smells like shit, but because it is hardened, I can walk on it. I guess that’s why I seems fine on the outside but actually almost dead in the inside. Walking on shit for most of your adult life will do that to you.

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