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I don’t have a hero. There is no one that I want to meet, or a place that I want to see, or a thing that I want to have. I didn’t have a wonderful life, but I don’t want to be any one but me, or have anyone’s life but the one that I have right now. I’m not sure if it’s good or it’s sad, that I don’t have any wish to come true

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Quote by Oscar Wilde

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”

P.S I don’t usually like quotes or quoting, but I liked this one.

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Pharyngeal Reflex

For more than five years I had this problem and the doctors couldn’t cure it. I felt nauseated but no throwing up just gag for couple of time, specially in the morning. After that I understand that being pregnant sucks, at least this part of it. Anyway, the doctors tried everything but nothing worked. Until one day everything went away. During that time I even couldn’t brush my teeth without feeling sick, let alone going to the dentist. So for more than five years I didn’t go to the dentist, until couple weeks after my miraculous recovery. Even though I didn’t have that weird unknown sickness, still years of almost vomiting and gagging my mouth really sensitive to any outer object. (Thank god that sucking… lets say putting male genitals in my mouth isn’t a part of my love life) So finally I could go to the dentist, but without having any degree of control on my gag reflex, the doctor couldn’t examine my teeth. So I checked the Internet, so I can find some tips for suppressing it. To be honest, I felt like a prison bitch. Like I didn’t have any other choice but to take it in, and was looking for a way to make it less unpleasant. I had the same feeling when I needed a sonographic examination. being touched by a guy while you are covered with a white gooey substance does not feel comfortable.
Finally I found 10 ways of controlling my gag reflex in wikiHow, but now I feel like I’m about to get rape. And remembering the memory of that sonographic examination doesn’t help at all. :mrgreen:

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Getting old

I used to be able to sleep for 15 hours a day if I wanted to. I could sleep whenever I want. It was kind of my super power. But now, even if I slept only 5 hours the night before, I can’t sleep before 12. Getting old is fucking sad. At least I don’t worry about memory lost, because I couldn’t memorize shit even when I was 20, so there is nothing to lose. :grin:

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When it comes to exams, I can never guess the results correctly. This one wasn’t any different either. After I took the exam, I knew that I screwed up big time. In listening part, I didn’t get the answer of couple of question clearly, so I just guessed based on what I thought I heard and based of the theme of the conversation. And don’t forget about my worst weak-point, the dictation :oops: . In reading, I didn’t have enough time to do the third part completely, so again I guessed the last 5 answers biased on what I thought they should be. I f***-up the first part of writing, and the second part wasn’t that good either.The speaking part was OK, but I knew I could have done way better. I mean, for the first time in my life I couldn’t talk about a subject more than 2 minutes. I forgot the word «historian». I seriously don’t know what happened back there. Anyway, so that was why after exam, I thought my overall score won’t be higher that 6, if not lower. I was even mentally preparing myself for a 5. But when the results came about an hour ago, I was so shocked that I checked my name and ID twice just to be sure that it’s mine.
So, congratulations to myself. Watching movies and series for ten years finally paid off. :mrgreen:











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Rainy run

I decided to go for a run in the rain. Believe it or not, I haven’t done It before! It was fun, but I don’t think that I chose the best time to do it. I have an exam in two days and if I catch a cold or something, I’ll never forgive myself. But I was reckless like this as long as I can remember. I don’t know where this self-sabotaging habit came from, but I always choose the worst time to experience something new. :D

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I know it’s stupid, but I feel good when I see someone who is at my age. It just makes me happy, of course until I see how much he/she accomplished in his/her life and I’m exactly where I was 10 years ago. Then I get all sad and depressed. :-D

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God: Less fucking here, more fucking after.
Theists: Fuck yeah!
Satanists: Fuck no!
Atheists: What the fuck?!
Agnostics: To fuck or not to fuck!
Deists: Fucking asshole! Where were you when I was growing up?
Buddhist: Who the f*** are you?

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Ralph Wiggum

There was this test that my students took. One of them answered one of the questions like this:

Question: «What is a knife made of?»

Answer: «I made of kite.»

P.S. On moments like this, I feel that I’m not a good teacher and I failed my students.

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The guy

A person was sitting on his chair and watching a movie on his laptop. There was a cockroach on the furthest corner of the wall. He was annoyed by its present, but he didn’t want to stand up, go to there and kill it. Therefore, he decided to shoot his tongue and catch the cockroach. So he did it and then he ate it.

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ساخت یک وب‌گاه یا وب‌نوشت رایگان در وردپرس.کام. پوسته: Adventure Journal کاری از Contexture International.


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